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Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground Episode 19 Review (01/06/2016)


By @RobbieRadford.

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground offered a lot to the viewers that would tune into The Temlple.  The believers were hyped to witness Cage demand a match against Matanza Cueto which only furthered the trend that Kayfabe Today started (Looking at you Noelle Foley!).. Pants off! We were also made aware of the new trios champions (Johnny Mundo, PJ Black and Jack Evans) were also going to be defending their newly won championship titles.

The show started with its usual pleasantries, some lovely music provided by the band that seem to live within the temple, and a quick recap of last week, and then we were thrown straight into match number 1.

Match 1: Son of Havoc vs Daga (Son of Havoc Def. Daga)

So Daga, the new comer, squared off against the Lucha Underground vet, Son of Havoc. A quick back and forth with Daga showing his unique skills reminding Vampiro fondly of Dynamite Kid. Some great athletic ability shown by both competitors and some near falls provided the normal opening match with some added excitement. Given that last week we had Joey Ryan vs Mascarita Sagrada, this opening contest proved to be a little more evenly matched. Some great strikes kept the audience hot, with the crowd cheering for Daga, which looked to unsettle Havoc a little. Daga was in control of the match for the most part, when we saw Kobra Moon slither down to the ring looking fairly suspicious. After a few distractions from Kobra Moon, and a great back and forth opener, Son of Havoc picked up the victory with his shooting star press. **½

After the match, Kobra Moon attempted to initiate fellatio in an attempt to woo Daga.  He forced her off him, in what proved to be a slightly bizarre few moments, but that’s the Lucha Underground we know and love!

Followingthe break, we saw a segment between Dragon Azteca and Mysterio, with Azteca telling Mysterio he’s found where they can find Matanza. Azteca was looking for revenge as Matanza killed their mentor and he was trying to persuade Rey to take him down. Just as a mini skirmish looked to be breaking out between Dragon Azteca and Mysterio, Prince Puma arrived and reminded them both that they had a match tonight. Onto the trios tag match, it would be interesting to see any hint of issue between any of the 3.

Match 2: Trios tag championship match: PJ Black, Johnny Mundo & Jack Evans © vs Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca and Prince Puma (Black, Mundo & Evans Def. Mysterio, Azteca & Puma Via DQ)

These trio tag matches never disappoint. Ever. PJ Black started the match with some new found confidence and it showed in the earlier stages of the match, getting the better of Mysterio, right until The King of Lucha Libre hit a sweet modified hurricanrana to wipe the smirk from PJ blacks face. After some distraction to the ref, Mysterio was grounded with a low blow. To which Matt Striker and Vampiro gave us an elaborate explanation as to how that feels!

Mundo tagged in and began where Black left off, a sweet tilt-a-whirl backbreaker  kept Rey grounded for a little while longer. Soon after Prince Puma tagged in, a notably quiet Temple erupted as Puma began his impressive offence. The Temple broke out into “holy shit” chants when Puma had superplexed PJ Black onto the rest of the competitors outside of the ring below. After some more impressive spots, PJ Black looked to defeat Puma with his own move, the 630 splash, but a kick out from Puma kept this fantastic match in full swing. All 6 competitors look to have outstanding chemistry with each other, each move flowed perfectly, such as Dragon Aztecas incredible DDT onto Mundo which kept everyone invested in this match.

Mundo took charge of the match after another low blow to Puma destroyed any momentum from their team. Prince Puma lost his nerve and after he recovered, welcomed Mundo to “dick kick city” but it was straight in front of the referee, who disqualified Pumas team as a result. ***½

After another break, we were treated to a scenario where Dragon Azteca Jr confronted Matanza Cueto who, for Dragon Azteca’s benefit, was locked in his cage. Another interesting scene developed, where it transpired that Matanza killed El Dragon Azteca Jrs trainer. Some very interesting developments to stay invested in the ongoing story backstage.

Match 3: Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (c) vs Cage (Matanza Def. Cage)

On to the hotly anticipated showdown between the Machine and the Monster, a match which I personally had been anticipating ever since the match was announced last Wednesday. There is a reason why these matches excite and never fail to disappoint. They book Monsters to wrestle like Monsters and to dominate like monsters, and when you have more than one monster in your company, when they collide…

After some early test of strengths, in which neither man refused to budge an inch, Cage gained momentum by combining his Godly speed and skill to outwit Matanza after he realised he wasn’t going to outmuscle him. These two went to war with each other, using every square inch of the temple as a weapon. I found myself in awe of every maneuver these two men had, the atmosphere assisting the match had you not wanting to even blink throughout. We’ve had Mil Muertes vs Matanza which was superb, but Cage and Matanza really brought their A game for this one. Both men were giving it all they got, even improvising moves that hadn’t been seen before. Dario Cueto (El Jefe/ The boss) had a concerned look on his face for the duration of the match, not even Mil Muertes was matching Matanza for strength, but Cage had a game plan.

However, after a series of kicks, Matanza Cueto countered Cage with a Wrath of The Gods  and picked up yet another victory to keep the Mean Machine Matanza rumbling on. ****¼


Lucha Underground Episode 18 Review (05/25/2016)


By @RobbieRadford

The episode began with Pentagon Jr demanding to Vampiro that he was ready to return to the temple and to leave Vampiro’s Lucha sex dungeon, with Vampiro retorting Pentagon wasn’t ready to face the monster (Matanza Cueto.. duh!), Pentagon Jr reminded us.. Cero Miedo!  Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 18 Review (05/25/2016)”

Lucha Underground Episode 17 Review (05/18/2016)


By @specficluchador

As Cueto fills bags with stacks of cash, presumably for Councilman Delgado, before Cage barged in. Incandescent with rage, Cage demanded Chavo Guerrero returns his Aztec Medallion. Unperturbed, Cueto retorted that if Chavo puts the medallion in the Gift of the Gods title, it would belong to him. Cage left, hunting his quarry.  Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 17 Review (05/18/2016)”

Lucha Underground Episode 16 Review 05/12/16


By @specficluchador

Following last week’s apology of a show, Lucha Underground proffered a peace offering in this week’s main event: Matanza vs Mil Muertes II, Graver Consequences. Although the main event failed to meet the standards of last season’s Grave Consequence match, the allusion to a new character potentially more abominable than Matanza provided an intriguing development in terms of story line. Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 16 Review 05/12/16”

Lucha Underground Episode 15 Review 05/04

ChokZgLUoAAt4Qc.jpgBy @specficluchador

Following last week’s crowning of new trios champions, this week’s episode of Lucha Underground was thematically concerned with the Aztec Medallions on offer. Every match was contented for a medallion, whilst the main event of the show would witness Sexy Star seeking to conquer her demons in a No Mas match with her former captor, Mariposa.  Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 15 Review 05/04”

Matches of Week 04/24-04/30


Although this week hasn’t delivered any MOTYC, there have been several matches ranging from good to great from NJPW, Lucha Underground, PROGRESS, ROH & TNA. Continue reading “Matches of Week 04/24-04/30”

Lucha Underground Episode 14 Review


By @specficluchador.

Following last week’s battle between the two behemoths The Monster Matanza and Mil Muertes, Lucha Underground returned with a cage match that pit Johnny Mundo against Cage and the final of the Trios Tournament. With fewer matches on the card than usual, both matches were given longer which had opposing effects on each. Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 14 Review”

Lucha Underground Episode 13 Review


By @specficluchador.

Only one behemoth can reign over Boyle Heights: on this week’s Lucha Underground, two monsters forged from the flames of hell met to determine not only who would wear the Lucha Underground Championship but who would control The Temple as The Monster Matanza Cueto faced Mil Muertes.  Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 13 Review”

Lucha Underground Episode 12 Review


By @specficluchador

Last week, for the first time since debuting, The Monster Matanza Cueto appeared mortal following a confrontation with the former ruler of The Temple and fellow behemoth, Mil Muertes. This week, the trios tournament continued with a great main event between Cage/Taya/Mundo vs Rey Mysterio Jr/Dragon Azteca Jr/Prince Puma, Killshot debuted a new character, Daga debuted and the power struggle between evil and slightly less evil continued. Continue reading “Lucha Underground Episode 12 Review”

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