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ROH Global Wars Review 05/08/2016 Review


By Drew Ortman. Catch him on Twitter @drewortman

After the month long build on ROH TV and the shows in Japan, the stars of NJPW were in Chicago to join forces with ROH stars for Global Wars. Every ROH Championship was on the line, and we also saw the ROH return of Colt Cabana. For the most part, this show was exactly what you would expect from an ROH pay per view. Every match on the card I would consider to be decent or above and the ending…well, however you feel about the ending one way or another, at least it had people talking about ROH this morning and wondering where they will go next. From the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, let’s get to the action. Continue reading “ROH Global Wars Review 05/08/2016 Review”


ROH Episode 241 Review

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Welcome to the third week of ROH TV featuring matches from the Honor Rising cards in Tokyo, Japan from February. I was hammering on ROH pretty hard for the past couple of weeks having cut and paste these shows together, but after watching these matches again, the hype for the upcoming Global Wars pay per view is growing. This was an excellent way to pull in the casual ROH viewers, introduce them to the stars of NJPW and give them reason and excitement for buying the pay per view next week. This week’s show only featured two matches and a lot of filler, but the hype and build they added in for Global Wars was well done. From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, let us go ahead and get to the limited amount of action we have to work with. Continue reading “ROH Episode 241 Review”

ROH TV Episode 240 Review

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By @DrewOrtman.

As to be expected, this week’s ROH TV once again consists of matches put together from the Japan Honor Rising shows. Someone in production must have needed a vacation. Don’t get me wrong; these shows had some fantastic matches on them that you will always see when ROH and NJPW come together, but for a hardcore fan that has already seen the card top to bottom, it is making week to week ROH TV viewing painfully dull. I’m sure there are still a lot of people out there who have not seen these matches yet, so in that case you are in for a good hour of action.  Also again feel free to look back at Kayfabe Today for the original Honor Rising review by @specificluchador. From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, let’s get onto the show. Continue reading “ROH TV Episode 240 Review”

ROH TV Episode 239 Review

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By @drewortman

Simply put, this is a cut and pasted together show from Ring of Honor’s trip to Japan in February for Honor Rising. On a positive note, we do get three good matches from the tour, including the surprising outcome of the ROH World Television Title Match. Overall, if you caught the ROH/NJPW shows the first time around, sit back and enjoy these matches again. If you missed it the first, then you are in for a real treat. You can also look back on Kayfabe Today for the full Honor Rising card review from @specificluchador. From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, let’s get to the action. Continue reading “ROH TV Episode 239 Review”

ROH TV Episode 238



We have made it to the end of our series of TV tapings from the ROH 14th Anniversary show weekend. Only three matches make up the show this week, but we get an ROH Tag Team Title match, a Kenny Omega match, and a Fight Without Honor match to end the six-month feud between Silas Young and Dalton Castle. On paper, this card should be excellent, but we all know how south some things can go. Being my first ROH weekly TV review, I am writing this without first watching the show, so my positivity for this episode could be quickly thrashed by half-assed matches and poor booking. Oh, the life of a pro wrestling fan. From Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada, let’s get to the action.   Continue reading “ROH TV Episode 238”

ROH Supercard of Honor Night One Review 01/04


By @DrewOrtman

Live from WrestleMania weekend is the tenth anniversary of ROH Supercard of Honor and a super card it is. We have a ROH World Championship match with Jay Lethal defending against the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament Winner Lio Rush. Also, on the card are the intriguing matches of The Young Bucks against the newly reformed Motor City Machineguns, Kyle O’Reilly taking on Matt Sydal and Roderick Strong up against Moose. A line up like that alone will have me watching. ROH put together a great first night card for a packed WresleMania weekend. When it’s all said and done, it’s about which promotion stands out at the end of the weekend. From the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas, let’s get on to the action.

Continue reading “ROH Supercard of Honor Night One Review 01/04”

ROH Conquest Tour 03/12


By @specficluchador

Despite the absence of Kenny Omega due to visa issues, ROH’s Conquest Tour from the Philadelphia Arena delivered a damn good show from top to bottom, for the most part, with a  great matche thrown in among some fun tag matches whilst Jay Lethal further solidified himself as THE man in ROH.  Continue reading “ROH Conquest Tour 03/12”

ROH TV Episode 235 Review


By Mark Worrall. Catch him on twitter @hoohoowozza.

Kevin Kelly and Mr Wrestling III are on commentary, as Ring of Honor TV emanates from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee.

Today’s episode witnesses a unique match up as seven teams participate in a tag team gauntlet match that will cover the whole hour of ROH TV where the winning team, the team left standing at the end of the gauntlet, will become the number one contenders for the ROH tag team titles. Continue reading “ROH TV Episode 235 Review”

ROH TV Episode 233 Review


By @hoohoowozza

ROH TV emanated from the Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN. Kevin Kelly and Mr Wrestling III provide the commentary coming off the back of the annual 14th Anniversary show that aired live from Las Vegas on PPV last week. Kevin Kelly reminds us that we can order the replay of the show from the Ring of Honor website. After hyping up tonight’s two Top Prospects Tournament semi final matches, Kelly reminds us of tonight’s main event between Matt Sydal and Adam Cole. Continue reading “ROH TV Episode 233 Review”

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