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PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night Two Review


By Elliott Troop.

Following arguably PWG’s best show of 2016 in night one of ASW 12, the second shot of the double header didn’t quite reach the heights of the first night but still provided a couple of fantastic matches as well as the culmination of a six month storyline. Heading into the show, a relentless challenger in the form of Zack Sabre Jr finally received an opportunity to face the PWG Champion, Roderick Strong, in a singles contest as a new champion was crowned. Continue reading “PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night Two Review”


PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night One Review


By Elliott Troop

PWG returned with a double shot for All Star Weekend 12, recorded on 03/04 and 03/05. That’s twelve weeks ago, for anyone counting. Anyway, I will spare you of the compulsory PWG’s distribution is more archaic than ….rant. ASW 12 marked the culmination of a storied feud between Roderick Strong, PWG Champion, and Zack Sabre Jr, the indefatigable challenger, that would be featured on night two.

Night one, though, as ever with PWG, featured prominent independent talent from across the globe in what was arguably the best PWG show of the year so far.
Continue reading “PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night One Review”

PWG Bowie Review




*Insert obligatory PWG DVD/VOD rant*

Phew, now that is off my chest, PWG returned to Reseda with a show posthumously named in the honour of David Bowie. As ever with PWG, among the antics there were several matches that ranged between good and excellent. Continue reading “PWG Bowie Review”

PWG Lemmy Review


By @specficluchador

After All Star Weekend received mixed reactions, PWG returned for their first show of 2016, Lemmy (01/02), eponymously named after the Motorhead front man. Complaining about the turn around isn’t worth my time, the arrogance of Highspots is astounding on this topic: I read Highspots respond to questions about updated PWG VOD content with the statement that “if you don’t like the way we do business, start your own business”. Anyway, I said I wouldn’t complain but I couldn’t resist. Despite the traditional prolonged wait for the release of the show, Lemmy delivered a series of matches that ranged from good to great. Continue reading “PWG Lemmy Review”

PWG All Star Weekend XI Night Two Review


By @specficluchador

All Star Weekend XI Night Two presented another card stacked with talent from all over the world.  After night one’s antic heavy card, the second night delivered a better show with the surprise return of Kyle O Reilly (for those who didn’t read spoilers) to PWG. Continue reading “PWG All Star Weekend XI Night Two Review”

PWG All Star Weekend XI Night One Review


By  @specficluchador

Over ten weeks have elapsed since ASW XI took place over the 11/12th December. Ten whole weeks.This was such a long time ago, people were wearing Santa hats. Despite all the technological advancements, PWG remains firmly in the stone age in terms of the distribution of their product. To put their antiquated distribution in context: Progress has had three shows over the ten week period that have become available on demand. Rev Pro’s High Stakes was available two days after the show ended. Regardless of any hiccups in post-production, the turn around time is absolutely unacceptable in the age we live in. But I won’t rant any longer- and God knows I could. Continue reading “PWG All Star Weekend XI Night One Review”

Kayfabe Today Awards 2015: Individual awards

images (1)

So, the final and most prestigious awards are in! Again, these awards have been voted for by our contributors and readers.

The results are as follows: Continue reading “Kayfabe Today Awards 2015: Individual awards”

Kayfabe Today Awards 2015: Matches of the Year

images (1)

Over the past few months, we have collated the ballots from our writers and viewers for our first annual awards. This post contains the best matches of 2015 from WWE, Japan, Britain and the US Independents as well as feud of the year, worst feud of the year and biggest disappointment.  Continue reading “Kayfabe Today Awards 2015: Matches of the Year”

Kayfabe Today Awards 2015: Promotions/Shows of the year

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This is the first of three posts where we present the winners of the first annual Kayfabe Today Awards all voted for by our followers and contributors. This first section looks at the the best promotions and shows of the year. The results are as follows: Continue reading “Kayfabe Today Awards 2015: Promotions/Shows of the year”

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