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BoSJ Day 12 Review


June 5, 2016
Block B

By @heeltactics316 Continue reading “BoSJ Day 12 Review”


BoSJ Day 11 (03.06.16) Review



Day 11 into the tournament and Block A & B we’re really starting to shape up. Some outstanding performances so far from the current Junior Heavyweight Champion, KUSHIDA, some superb matches & many talking points had made the 2016 BoSJ tournament one of the best so far. Today’s show had tag matches to further feud development, including a surprise challenger for Kenny Omega at the next NJPW big show, Dominion. Continue reading “BoSJ Day 11 (03.06.16) Review”

BoSJ Day Ten Review


June 2, 2016

Nagoya International Conference Hall

Block B

By @heeltactics316 Continue reading “BoSJ Day Ten Review”

BoSJ Day Nine Review


May 31, 2016

Hiroshima Green Arena

Block A

By @heeltactics316 Continue reading “BoSJ Day Nine Review”

BoSJ Day Eight Review


May 30, 2016

Yonago Convention Center

Block B

By @heeltactics316.

Heading into Day 8 of BOSJ it is still uncertain who the clear favorite is in Block B. Today’s show took place at the Yonago Convention Center, featuring four separate matches. As the tournament is starting to wind down every match is crucial, each superstar vying for a spot in the semifinals. As always today’s card can be viewed anytime at New Japan World and for all reviews wrestling related be sure to visit Kayfabe Today. Continue reading “BoSJ Day Eight Review”

BoSJ Day Seven Review


By @RobbieRadford

Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium, Japan.

In front of 1,340 Spectators, The BoSJ tournament rumbled on. 4 matches took place from A Block, attempting to follow up possibly one of the most hotly debated topics following Ricochet vs Ospreay’s awe-inspiring match. Fortunately, O’ great one Elliott (@SpecficLuchador) wrote a brilliant piece which you can also find on Kayfabe Today regarding the match that took place. Continue reading “BoSJ Day Seven Review”

Staff Picks for Matches of the Month: May


Each month, the staff at Kayfabe Today come together to pick their top five matches of the month. These lists aim to provide comprehensive coverage of all the essential viewing for the month. Continue reading “Staff Picks for Matches of the Month: May”

Will Ospreay vs Ricochet: a few thoughts


By Elliott Troop

On Day Six of NJPW’s annual Best of Super Junior tournament, Ricochet, born in Kentucky, USA, and Will Ospreay, a young man from Essex, UK, produced a performance that demanded “this is awesome” and “holy shit” chants from the Korakuen Hall audience: something of a rarity in Japan. Continue reading “Will Ospreay vs Ricochet: a few thoughts”

BoSJ Day Five Review (05/25/2016)


May 26, 2016

Iwate, Japan

Block A

By @@heeltactics316

We’ve reached day 5 of Best Of the Super Juniors which can be viewed anytime on New Japan World. The action took place in Iwate Japan featuring four matches from block A. Continue reading “BoSJ Day Five Review (05/25/2016)”

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