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The Indy Corner Ep #1


On this week’s episode, Stu is joined by Elliott & Antony as we talk about all THE MATCH, Ricochet/Ospreay from BOSJ. Also, there is an epic review from PROGRESS Wrestling’s SSS16 as both Elliott & Antony were in attendance. And to close things off, we spoke of the deal that was announced between the two SSS16 shows that PROGRESS will be travelling over to Canada to do a joint show with the Smash Wrestling promotion.

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Kayfabe Today Podcast ep #13


He’s back! Our lord and saviour of crossfit Seth Rollins has returned to the squared circle and the boys on the Kayfabe Today Podcast have a lot of things to say about. Before all that though we have talk about the rest of the Extreme Rules show and discuss how good/bad/indifferent we are to some of the matches and some of the wrestlers. I fear for Mr. Ambrose this week. Continue reading “Kayfabe Today Podcast ep #13”

Kayfabe Today Flagship Ep #12


Another week, another episode of the Kayfabe Today Podcast with Broski Erik and Grapmaster Elliot at the helm all is normal until…The music hits and Big Daddy Ben the podcast host OG is back on the scene and boy is his renewed energy needed as they Kayfabe announce team have a lot to discuss this week. Continue reading “Kayfabe Today Flagship Ep #12”

Kayfabe Today Ep #11


On the heels of the WWE releasing eight members of their roster, the Kayfabe Today crew of Elliot, Erik & Drew, discuss where those the booking mistakes and where they’ll end up next along with the latest episode of RAW and the Ring Of Honor Global Wars Pay-Per-View.

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World Champions Podcast #15 Red Letters


By J Onwuka. Catch him on Twitter @_nearzone.

Check out the latest World Champions Podcast and hear about the nitty-gritty backroom fracas that wracked the National Wrestling Alliance throughout the 50s. Even though they had a very successful run in the ring with Lou Thesz as their champion, behind the scenes the NWA was set upon almost immediately by lawsuits, disgruntled opponents, and the United States government. Promotional ‘wars’ erupted in the Pacific Northwest, in Texas, and in southern California, all of them challenging the Alliance’s dominance. The NWA did survive these trials but not without a lot of heartache and a lot of loss. The question really is: how much did the NWA manage to save despite this all-around attack? Continue reading “World Champions Podcast #15 Red Letters”

Wrestling With History: Wrestlemania XV

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By @WhyQuy.

This is Wrestling With History, a podcast reviewing the most important, the most entertaining, the most exciting and the most awful wrestling shows ever produced. This time round, we are heading in towards the raging climax with WrestleMania XV.

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Kayfabe Today Ep #9


Week three of the Shane McMahon era and things are starting to look too sweet. Elliot is joined again by First Thing In The Morning host & William Eaver super-fan Erik to discuss all the good things, that’s right GOOD THINGS that have happened on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW. Continue reading “Kayfabe Today Ep #9”

Puro Lads Ep #1


The Kings of Strong Cast are dead! Long live the Puro Lads. The former kings Elliot, Robbie & EVIL Jason run down New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Invasion Attack show in its entirety,  Moving then onto Big Japan Pro Wrestling and discussing its Strong Climb Final show. To finish off a talking point about one of NJPW former “big four” Shinsuke Nakamura and his potential in the WWE.


Kayfabe Today Ep #8: Here Stays the Money


As we are now firmly entrenched in this new wrestling timeline, It felt right to bring you our hot takes with the Kayfabe Today Podcast! This week Ben & Elliot are joined by Mr. First Thing In The Morning himself Erik due to overwhelming demand from social media and we are going to discuss a whole lot of things, including:

– Week 2 of RAW is Shane and how in one easy step you can turn your Wrestlemania loss into a sweet new gig as general manager of Monday Night RAW

– We take pit stop in New Japan Pro Wrestling to discuss the title changes from their latest show Invasion Attack (If you want in-depth analysis of this show you will have to wait a few days for the former Kings of Strong Cast to come together as the Puro Lads!)

– Finally settling down in jolly old England with a review of PROGRESS Chapter 28: Please, Please, Please let me get what I want. How many times will Pastor William Eaver come up? You will just have to tune in to find out!

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