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Matches of the Week

Top Matches from PROGRESS SSS16


Due to the abundance of fantastic matches at SSS16, @specficluchador has assembled a list of the best matches from the weekender that witnessed Tommy End crowned the second SSS16 winner. Continue reading “Top Matches from PROGRESS SSS16”


Matches of the Week 05/29-06/05


Each week our MOTW aim to provide a snap shot of the week’s essential viewing. This week, PROGRESS SSS16 transpired to produce many fantastic matches that demanded a list of the best matches from the tournament outside of this. Outside of SSS16, this week’s MOTW are dominated by the BoSJ tournament.  Continue reading “Matches of the Week 05/29-06/05”

Matches of the Week: 05/21-05/28


Roman Reigns (C) vs AJ Styles

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship

Extreme Rules

Continue reading “Matches of the Week: 05/21-05/28”

Matches of the Week: 05/15-05/21



Chavo Guerrero vs. Texano vs. Joey Ryan vs. The Mack  vs. Sinestro vs. Aerostar vs. Sexy Star Continue reading “Matches of the Week: 05/15-05/21”

Matches of the Week 05/06-05/14


In a week in which EVOLVE and ROH ran big show closing angles, it was EVOLVE that earned acclaim for it’s originality  whilst ROH was largely derided for its unashamed Bullet Club/NWO parody and general flabbergasting booking. Outside of the major angles, EVOLVE 60 & 61 shows further solidified EVOLVE as the front runner for Promotion of the  Year. Elsewhere, AJ Styles and Roman Reigns continued their compelling rivalry on Monday night RAW  and Kotaro Suzuki made his  UK debut against Mark Haskins.

The matches of the week aim to provide a list of the must see matches from the past week.  Continue reading “Matches of the Week 05/06-05/14”

Matches of the Week 04/29-05/05


This past week witnessed two major shows: NJPW ran Wrestling Dontaku and WWE ran Payback, both of which produced a strong showing in terms of wrestling. Elsewhere, RevPro returned to the Cockpit with another consistent show and an incredible performance by Tyler Bate at Kamikaze Pro, based in Birmingham, further established Bate as one of the finest young talents in Europe. Continue reading “Matches of the Week 04/29-05/05”

Matches of the Week 04/16-04/23


Although this week hasn’t delivered any outstanding matches, there have been several matches ranging from good to great from NJPW, Lucha Underground, RevPro, ROH and Discovery Wrestling. Continue reading “Matches of the Week 04/16-04/23”

Matches of the Week 04/10-04/16


Following a week’s absence, Matches of the Week is back with this past week’s essential viewing from around the world.

Continue reading “Matches of the Week 04/10-04/16”

Matches of the Week 03/13-03/19

download (9).jpg

Mainstream weekly television hasn’t delivered an abundance of great matches this week, with only a couple of notable exceptions. EVOLVE 56 and ROH Conquest Tour provided numerous great matches and could easily fill the list alone but the aim is to provide as greater varierty as possible.  Continue reading “Matches of the Week 03/13-03/19”

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