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Lucha Libre World Cup 2016 Night Two Review


By @specficlucador.

Following an extravagant, elongated advertisement for Mexico which included a military band, exotic dancing, shots of the landscape and general pomp and ceremony, we finally got around to the wrestling half  an hour after the scheduled start time.  Continue reading “Lucha Libre World Cup 2016 Night Two Review”


Lucha World Cup 2016 Night One Review


By Drew Ortman.

After a very successful first year, the Victoria Lucha Libre World Cup Tournament is back for a second year. This is a tournament that brings some of the best promotions in the world (and TNA) together for a two-night onslaught of trios matches in the setting of Mexico’s AAA.The four-team women’s tournament and the eight-team men’s tournament is more than just a bunch of six-man tag team matches, but more a showcase of some of the best pro wrestling talent the world has to offer. This kind of event reminds me of a Crockett Cup-esque type tournament, but much more exciting with the popularity of the indie and international wrestling promotions coming together. I decided to watch the event with the Spanish broadcast instead of with the English commentary of Josh Matthews. I assumed from the beginning that the excitement in a language I don’t understand will be much more climactic than my native tongue with Matthews at the helm.   Continue reading “Lucha World Cup 2016 Night One Review”

BoSJ Day 12 Review


June 5, 2016
Block B

By @heeltactics316 Continue reading “BoSJ Day 12 Review”

A Conversation with WrestleCentre’s IFWA World Champion JP Simms

jp simms 5.jpg

By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

Coming up on June 24th, Nova Scotia promotion WrestleCentre will be running a big show at the Halifax Forum that will be headlined by the IFWA World Champion JP Simms as he takes on Julien Young. I caught up with JP Simms and had the pleasure of engaging in this great conversation with him as we discussed various topics. I hope you enjoy my discussion with the IFWA World Champion and very talented JP Simms. Continue reading “A Conversation with WrestleCentre’s IFWA World Champion JP Simms”

Brock Lesnar in UFC=WWE in Control


By Alex Howells. Catch him on Twitter @AJHowler.

On Saturday night in the USA, and very early in the morning in the UK, UFC 199 aired live to millions of viewers across the globe. The card included a career defining Middleweight title win for England’s first ever UFC champion Michael Bisping, it had the announcement that Conor McGregor’s rematch with Nate Diaz will take place at UFC 202 and it had one further bombshell: Brock Lesnar will step back in to the Octagon at UFC 200. Continue reading “Brock Lesnar in UFC=WWE in Control”

AJ Styles vs John Cena: ten years in the making


By @specficuchador.

On the 05/30 edition of RAW, dueling chants of “let’s go Cena”/”AJ Styles” underscored a stare down between  John Cena, the face of the WWE for the past ten years, and AJ Styles, the face of everywhere outside of WWE’s exclusive universe for the past ten years.  Continue reading “AJ Styles vs John Cena: ten years in the making”

TNA Impact Review 01/06/2016

download (5)

By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

TNA was back once again with their flagship show IMPACT as we are getting closer to Slammiversary. Let’s jump right into it and see how this week’s edition of IMPACT fared. Continue reading “TNA Impact Review 01/06/2016”

Top Matches from PROGRESS SSS16


Due to the abundance of fantastic matches at SSS16, @specficluchador has assembled a list of the best matches from the weekender that witnessed Tommy End crowned the second SSS16 winner. Continue reading “Top Matches from PROGRESS SSS16”

Matches of the Week 05/29-06/05


Each week our MOTW aim to provide a snap shot of the week’s essential viewing. This week, PROGRESS SSS16 transpired to produce many fantastic matches that demanded a list of the best matches from the tournament outside of this. Outside of SSS16, this week’s MOTW are dominated by the BoSJ tournament.  Continue reading “Matches of the Week 05/29-06/05”

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