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TNA Xplosion 06/04 Review


By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

After a few weeks of repeated airings, TNA’s B show Xplosion was back this week with a new episode and naturally I am here to review it. I was pleased to finally see a first run episode again and really hoped that Spin Cycle was no longer a segment on the show. As you will see, my hopes went unfulfilled. Let’s get on with the review. Continue reading “TNA Xplosion 06/04 Review”


TNA Impact Review 01/06/2016

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By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

TNA was back once again with their flagship show IMPACT as we are getting closer to Slammiversary. Let’s jump right into it and see how this week’s edition of IMPACT fared. Continue reading “TNA Impact Review 01/06/2016”

TNA: a Golden Opportunity

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By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

There has been a lot of negativity towards the WWE recently from wrestlers as well as the releases of potentially great talent who were never really given a chance to shine. Continue reading “TNA: a Golden Opportunity”

TNA IMPACT Review 5/17/2016


By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

Before I begin my review, I would like to give a virtual 10 bell salute to my aunt Peggy Susan Carlan Eige who passed away this week. May your soul rest in eternal peace. Continue reading “TNA IMPACT Review 5/17/2016”

TNA Impact Review 05/10/16


By Lewis MVP Carlan. Catch him on Twitter PWSOTH.

The “MVP” is back for another fearless review of TNA IMPACT. IMPACT has been producing very good shows lately and I was excited about the prospect of this week’s edition, so let’s get right into it. Continue reading “TNA Impact Review 05/10/16”

TNA Xplosion 05/07 Review


By Lewis MVP Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

Yes, it is time for my weekly review of the latest episode of TNA Xplosion.  Let’s not waste any time and leap right into the show and see how it fared this week. Continue reading “TNA Xplosion 05/07 Review”

TNA Impact Review 05/03 Review


By Lewis MVP Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

The “MVP” has returned for another review of TNA’s flagship show IMPACT. I apologize as I am a bit tardy in getting the review out due to circumstances beyond my control but better late than never! The “MVP” will not let his fans down! So let’s get on with the review of IMPACT. Continue reading “TNA Impact Review 05/03 Review”

TNA are Slowly Improving their Roster


By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him @PWSOTH on Twitter.

On April 29th, Dixie Carter posted on her twitter account that TNA had officially signed young stars Caleb Konley and Allysin Kay to contracts. This was very exciting news for fans as TNA had taken another step in making their product more exciting with new fresh faces to unleash in the IMPACT Zone. Continue reading “TNA are Slowly Improving their Roster”

TNA Greatest Matches 04/26

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By Lewis ‘MVP’ Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

After being disappointed with last week’s edition of TNA Greatest Matches, I was really hoping for a show that would be so good that it would serve as an apology for last week. Continue reading “TNA Greatest Matches 04/26”

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