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A Short Trip To

A Short Trip to the NWA

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By @JackAction

Welcome to the latest edition of A Short Trip….! We take a look back at NWA from the 1980’s. So you can expect a heavy dose of the Nature Boy. I avoided the more well know “all-time classic” type matches for the most part. So no Flair vs. Steamboat trilogy, Flair/Funk “I Quit”, etc. Side note, how great of a year did Flair have in 1989?! Just ridiculous! Anyway, enough gushing about 1989 Ric Flair, on to the matches.  Continue reading “A Short Trip to the NWA”


The Death of the Death Match

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By @adampgosling

In November of 1998, the WWE founded the hardcore title. It was a direct response to the direction the business was heading at that time. For a couple of years, wrestling fans had started to want blood and many companies were providing it in bucket loads. The truth is, in the mid to late 90s we all went a little bit crazy for all things extreme. Continue reading “The Death of the Death Match”

NWA World Championship Wrestling 14/12/1985

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By @specficluchador

I would like to preface this review of 1985 NWA with a huge thank you to whoever decided to put this on the network. I’ve been binge watching NWA for days now and, quite frankly, it is embarrassing how much better it is than the current product. The most notable thing is the difference in promos: no one on the current WWE roster is anywhere close to any of these guys. Oh, and the squash matches. But they are fun. Continue reading “NWA World Championship Wrestling 14/12/1985”

NWA World Championship Wrestling 07/12/1985

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By @specficluchador

Coming to you from the space shuttle, it’s NWA World Championship Wrestling. Recently, WWE released buckets of classic wrestling from the NWA, Stampede and the AWA. Exciting, right? Although I do wonder what took them so long to brush the dust off their extensive video catalogue. Evidently they thought people were more interested in 2011’s Over the Limit. Continue reading “NWA World Championship Wrestling 07/12/1985”

A Short Trip to the US Indies

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By @JackAction

Welcome to this week’s edition of “A Short Trip To…” where we are heading to the United States to check out the current indie scene.  The U.S. wrestling landscape will always be dominated by the WWE, ROH, Lucha Underground, and TNA……ok maybe not TNA…..ok, definitely not TNA……have carved out a nice following for themselves with Evolve and PWG are arguably two of the most exciting promotions in the world right now. Most wrestling fans are pretty familiar with these promotions and the stars that inhibit them. Because of that, today we are travelling to some of the lesser known indie promotions around the U.S. Continue reading “A Short Trip to the US Indies”

A short Trip to Europe

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By @jackaction8

Welcome to this week’s edition of “A Short Trip To…” where we are heading to Europe.  I was pretty excited for this week’s trip. Some of the best wrestling today comes from Europe, the UK especially, and I’ve only recently started watching.  I’m using this an opportunity to dig a little deeper.  It also gives me a reason to finally jump into some old World of Sport as well.  I’m not going to ramble on too much here. Let’s jump right into it. As always, if you have any matches that I NEED to see, send them my way. Continue reading “A short Trip to Europe”

A Short Trip to Mexico

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Welcome to the latest edition of “A Short Trip To….” This week we head down Mexico way to explore the world of Lucha Libre. Admittedly, I am a Lucha novice. Most of my exposure to and knowledge of Lucha Libre comes from Lucha Underground and the WCW Cruiserweight division (Thanks Mike Tenay!).  However, more recently, I have been trying to get into it, but with all of the other wrestling that I watch, I haven’t found the time for much. So this gave me a reason and opportunity to dive into some. After spending the weekend watching, I will definitely be watching more. I’ve added a ton to my “to watch” list. Until then, let’s jump into this week’s matches!
Continue reading “A Short Trip to Mexico”

A Short Trip to Japan

Welcome to a voyage around the world of professional wrestling. Before we get started, let me explain what to expect here. I am a lifelong wrestling fan, but up until a couple years ago I had basically ever watched WWE/F, WCW, and some ECW. At some point, like many other people, I became completely uninterested in “sports entertainment”. Since then I have been expanding my wrestling horizons and watching everything I can.  This is where you come in. I’m inviting you to join me on this journey through the world of pro graps.  Each week here, I will watch a variety of matches of a specific theme and provide my thoughts, comments, and occasionally bad jokes about each match, as well as links to said matches.

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