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Southside Wrestling

Southside: Supremacy 2016


By @specficluchador

Southside returned to the Circus Tavern, Essex, for Supremacy 2016, which presented a stacked card filled with both British and international talent; El Ligero faced Shane Strickland, Mark Haskins faced Sami Callihan, Angelico made his Southside debut and Joseph Connors, having ended his battle with Stixx, defended his Southside Title against Will Ospreay, the hometown hero. Despite a few changes to the card due to injuries, Supremacy delivered a fun show that built on several on going story lines. Continue reading “Southside: Supremacy 2016”


Southside Wrestling: Battle of the Egos VI


By @specficluchador

Southside’s second show of the day, Battle of the Egos VI, again provided an eclectic mix of talent from around the globe. Talent as diverse as Carlito, Robbie E and Timothy Thacther competed on a card that was main evented by a Joseph Connors vs Stixx in a Last Man Standing contest: a match one year in the making. Continue reading “Southside Wrestling: Battle of the Egos VI”

Southside Wrestling: Day of Reckoning VIII

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By @specficluchador

Southside Wrestling’s first show of the year came from The Priory Centre in St Neots that built up to the bigger show in the evening. Day of Reckoning VIII delivered a fun show that featured talent from over the world ranging from the likes of Robbie E to Andrew Everett. Continue reading “Southside Wrestling: Day of Reckoning VIII”

 A Newcomer’s experience of British Indy Wrestling

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By @Stumbermensch

In my first year of university, I was bored out of my mind and perpetually either drunk or suffering from hangovers so vicious that they made the feelings I had in thinking I’d made a terrible mistake with my life all the more unbearable – and thus, I had some time to kill. Continue reading ” A Newcomer’s experience of British Indy Wrestling”

A History of British Wrestling: the British Renaissance

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Over the past couple of weeks, we have been on a journey through the vertiginous highs and the despairing lows of British wrestling history: a tumultuous history spanning across three centuries from the catch wrestling roots, to the first wrestling superstar George Hackenschmidt, from the unparalleled success of the television era to the tacit admission of American wrestling’s superiority through a string of imitations of prominent WWF superstars. Continue reading “A History of British Wrestling: the British Renaissance”

A History of British Wrestling: the television era

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By @specficluchador

Greetings, Grapple fans.

Last week, I briefly traced the origins of wrestling in the Great Britain from its pre-Victorian roots to the late 1950’s and the first televised match in UK history that witnessed Francis St Clair Gregory take on Mike Marino. Continue reading “A History of British Wrestling: the television era”

A History of British Wrestling: Part One

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By @elspecifico

As Mark Dallas’ hand struck the mat for the third time,  4,000 ICW fans erupted in disbelief and elation as Grado was crowned the ICW World Heavyweight Champion at Fear and Loathing VIII. Continue reading “A History of British Wrestling: Part One”

Discovering Dave Mastiff

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By @SheepRassler

I love wrestling.

From the moment I stumbled across a re-run of Sunday Night Heat on S4C, I was hooked. Thankfully, by starting with an episode of Heat, the only way was up! From the height of the attitude era to the present day, via the ruthless mediocrity of The Great Khali, Luther Reigns and The Spirit Squad, I was along for the ride.

Continue reading “Discovering Dave Mastiff”

Southside Wrestling Entertainment: Young Tiger’s Cup Report 01/10/2015

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By @speficluchador

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Southside’s inaugural Young Tiger’s Cup was struck by terrible luck: originally, Chris Sabin, Andrew Everett and Will Ospreay were scheduled to appear at the event but, due to a combination of injures and public transport failures, all the aforementioned men were absent. However, unfortunate circumstances aside, Southside’s Young Tiger’s Cup delivered a great show that showcased some of Britain’s exceptional young talent. Continue reading “Southside Wrestling Entertainment: Young Tiger’s Cup Report 01/10/2015”

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