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Top Matches from PROGRESS SSS16


Due to the abundance of fantastic matches at SSS16, @specficluchador has assembled a list of the best matches from the weekender that witnessed Tommy End crowned the second SSS16 winner. Continue reading “Top Matches from PROGRESS SSS16”


Matches of the Week 05/29-06/05


Each week our MOTW aim to provide a snap shot of the week’s essential viewing. This week, PROGRESS SSS16 transpired to produce many fantastic matches that demanded a list of the best matches from the tournament outside of this. Outside of SSS16, this week’s MOTW are dominated by the BoSJ tournament.  Continue reading “Matches of the Week 05/29-06/05”

The Indy Corner Ep #1


On this week’s episode, Stu is joined by Elliott & Antony as we talk about all THE MATCH, Ricochet/Ospreay from BOSJ. Also, there is an epic review from PROGRESS Wrestling’s SSS16 as both Elliott & Antony were in attendance. And to close things off, we spoke of the deal that was announced between the two SSS16 shows that PROGRESS will be travelling over to Canada to do a joint show with the Smash Wrestling promotion.

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SmackDown 02/06/2016 Review


By @MtlBroski.

Smackdown kicks off with the New Day, who mention the Club’s attack and impact on Monday night.They say The Club will never be WWE tag champs which prompts Gallows and Anderson to confront the New Day. Continue reading “SmackDown 02/06/2016 Review”

BoSJ Day 11 (03.06.16) Review



Day 11 into the tournament and Block A & B we’re really starting to shape up. Some outstanding performances so far from the current Junior Heavyweight Champion, KUSHIDA, some superb matches & many talking points had made the 2016 BoSJ tournament one of the best so far. Today’s show had tag matches to further feud development, including a surprise challenger for Kenny Omega at the next NJPW big show, Dominion. Continue reading “BoSJ Day 11 (03.06.16) Review”

BoSJ Day Ten Review


June 2, 2016

Nagoya International Conference Hall

Block B

By @heeltactics316 Continue reading “BoSJ Day Ten Review”

Tracking the “Real” World Champion: part fifteen



By Lian Byrne. Catch him on Twitter @tvtimelimit.

Considering how late in the game Eddie came to his first World Title run, you would be forgiven for expecting him to lose his claim to the ‘Real’ World Title in relatively short order. The WWE haven’t always been known for booking their face champions well, especially when it comes to non-title contests, and my expectation was that Eddie wouldn’t last very long. Eight title defences later, and Guerrero proved me wrong. Even so, his booking wasn’t always the strongest, with a few weak finishes to paper his record, but you can’t really argue with the quality of some of the men Eddie would go up against, both with the title on the line and in non-title competition. Continue reading “Tracking the “Real” World Champion: part fifteen”

Chris Jericho: the making of a legend part two


By Ciaran Brazington.

The victory over Shawn Michaels at No Mercy was a fitting end to one of the best feuds in WWE history: their natural chemistry created magic in the ring and on the microphone. It was a true moment in time where both men were untouchable and it made for great television, both should be extremely proud of the story they told.  Continue reading “Chris Jericho: the making of a legend part two”

Running the Ropes: Part One


By @RobbieRadford

My love for wrestling over the last 12 months has only grown largely due to the chance I had of stepping in the ring and spending 6 months training to wrestle at a local wrestling school. Continue reading “Running the Ropes: Part One”

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