By Lewis “MVP” Carlan. Catch him on Twitter @PWSOTH.

After a few weeks of repeated airings, TNA’s B show Xplosion was back this week with a new episode and naturally I am here to review it. I was pleased to finally see a first run episode again and really hoped that Spin Cycle was no longer a segment on the show. As you will see, my hopes went unfulfilled. Let’s get on with the review.

Match 1 – Eddie Edwards vs. Andrew Everett

I became immediately excited when I learned this was the opening match, it was a very pleasant surprise indeed! Andrew Everett made his way to the ring first accompanied by his manager Gregory Helms followed by Eddie Edwards. The match began with Everett landing a kick to the stomach and he took control for a bit. To show off, Everett did a few back flips but was met by a running elbow by Edwards. Edwards then proceeded to chest chop the hell out of Everett.  They both ended up outside the ring as Edwards continued to take Everett to chest chop city. Everett’s chest was bright red. With Edwards being distracted on the outside, Everett went back inside the ring and hit a top rope moonsault onto Edwards. It looked like Everett may have overshot the moonsault as he landed hard on the railing but appeared to be okay. Everett was in control as we returned from a commercial break. Everett hit a beautiful dropkick that led to a two count on Edwards. Edwards came back with a running elbow and a clothesline. Everett ended up outside the ring which led an Edwards suicide dive onto Everett. Back in the ring, Edwards hit a sit down power bomb on Everett. Edwards covered Everett, but Helms distracted the referee so no count was made. Edwards went to the top rope and attempted a dive but missed. Everett attempted his own top rope move but also missed. This led to Edwards hitting a running kick and was able to secure the victory over Everett.

This was a great match from start to finish between two very talented wrestlers. Edwards and Everett worked very together and had very good chemistry.  I would say between IMPACT and Xplosion this week, this match was by far the best of the two shows. This may be the first time ever that Xplosion had the best match of the two shows. These are the types of matches we need to see more of from TNA.

Xplosion was off to great start until a graphic was shown that indicated Spin Cycle was up next.

Spin Cycle Segment

This week joining Jeremy Borash was Eli Drake, Grado, Robbie E( who was wearing that silly fur hat again), and Rockstar Spud.

This week’s theme was “Battle of the Nations” as they tried to determine which was better USA or UK. Grado and Spud were the UK team with Drake and Robbie E as the USA team.

Each team had 1 minute to explain why their nations are the best.

Jeremy Borash attempted a sad bit of humour by asking Grado if he just farted.

Spud and Grado said the UK is better because of superior chocolate. Drake and Robbie E went on about how the Beatles left the UK to come to the USA.

Jeremy Borash said nothing was resolved and they will return with part 2 of the Battle of Nations on another show.

Oh boy! A Spin Cycle cliffhanger. I couldn’t sleep at all last night after Xplosion as all I could think about is who is going to win this Spin Cycle Battle of the Nations. Why would they make us wait for this to be resolved?!? This is trending worldwide as Twitter blew up with millions of individuals tweeting about and predicting the winner of this Spin Cycle Battle of the Nations.

Eight words – Time to pull the plug on Spin Cycle.

Match 2 – Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe at One Night Only: 10 Reunion from 2013

This may have not been the best Angle/Joe encounter but it still was very enjoyable to watch. The match started slow with a number of armlocks applied by both men. The match picked up the pace as it progressed. Both men hit their usual big spots and traded submission holds. Angle scored the pinfall win after hitting an Angle Slam.

Even though it wasn’t their best, it’s always fun watching a Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe match. If they were both 80 years old, I would still have interest in watching them have a match.

Match 3 – Mike Bennett with Maria Kanellis vs. James Storm in an IMPACT Rewind match.

This was a replay of their IMPACT match. The match itself was not very good and was eventually won by Mike Bennett. James Storm was distracted by Maria which led Bennett to roll him up for the victory. Storm got the last laugh as he super kicked Bennett as EC3 was outside the ring talking to Bennett.

FINAL WORD: Overall this was a good episode of Xplosion. The opening match was excellent and I hope they keep giving up matches like Edwards vs. Everett. These types of great matches are there for TNA, they just need open their eyes and give them to us. Spin Cycle was awful as usual.

Here is a thought, maybe TNA should totally revamp Xplosion and make it a show based around X Division matches only. Now there is something to consider.

Until next time, thanks for reading!