June 5, 2016
Block B

By @heeltactics316

Match 1: Tiger Mask Def. Trent Barreta

Tiger Mask was already eliminated from contention heading into the contest, Baretta needing a win here to keep any hope alive. It was an ok match, almost a bit too long for my liking. Barreta played the role of the heel in this one, focusing most of his efforts on attempting to remove the mask of Tiger. The two traded shots back and forth Tiger threw Barreta to the outside. Barreta quickly recovered returning to the ring throwing Tiger Mask to the floor followed by a suicide dive. Continuing to beat down Tiger Mask, Barreta tapes Tigers hands to the ring post. Baretta made a valiant effort to be a heal, but he generated little heat. The ref removed the tape; they brawled deep into the crowd. They made their way back to the ring, continuing to trade offense. Tiger Mask made a comeback hit the tiger bomb for a near fall; Tiger directly followed up by locking in the double arm scissors for the submission victory. Baretta losing here is officially eliminated; neither man was expected to make it far in the tournament. **

Match 2: Will Ospreay Def. Jushian Thunder Liger

Ospreay looked to continue his hot streak, needing to win out if he wants any chance at the BOSJ crown. Rather basic back and forth to start out, Liger gains the advantage by throwing Opsreay to the floor. Ospreay runs back into the ring only to get caught in a surfboard. Liger has great chemistry with everyone he works with and does an excellent job in helping to showcase the talents of his opponent. Ospreay escaped the surfboard, sending Liger to the outside and followed up with a shooting star press off the apron. We got a tease at a count out; Liger returned to the ring, and the two began trading shots. Liger hit a nasty Liger Bomb for the near fall that I thought severely injured Ospreay. The two go up top where Liger hit a huge Frakeinsteiner for another two count. Liger attempted a brainbuster, Ospreay countered and hit the OsCutter for the pinfall victory. The crowd was rather silent for this one, surprising since both men are fan favorites. The win here keeps Ospreay in contention sitting tied for third with 6 points. **1/2

Match 3: Bobby Fish Def. Chase Owens

Another contest that will play little to no effect on the outcome of Block B, however, Fish and Owens both came out and worked a solid match. The two traded back and forth shots, Owens made an effort to target the left knee of Fish. Owens slammed the knee of Fish into the side of the apron repeatedly, continuing control to work in a figure four spot using the ring post as leverage. Back in the ring, Owens attempted the packaged driver, only for Fish to escape and drop Owens on his back. Fish eventually pulled out the win via submission using the Fish Hook. Owens with the loss is officially out; Fish is still alive but a longshot to win at this point. **3/4

Match 4: Volador Jr. Def Ricochet

Heading into this contest, Ricochet was looking to lock up Block B with a win here against Volador Jr. Volador made his way to the ring first, removing his mask before the ring bell. The two worked a similar opener to the Ricochet and Ospreay match, fast and high flying that ended in a standoff. The match was good but was lacking that extra something that made Ospreay and Ricochet an instant classic. Volador hit Ricochet with a superkick sending him to the outside. Volador followed up with a moonsault off the apron leaving both lying on the floor. Ricochet began to mount an assault of his own heading up to the apron hitting a moon sault using the second turnbuckle as leverage. Back in the ring, Volador attempted a top rope Frankensteiner, but being an athletic freak, Ricochet landed on two feet. Ricochet followed up with a series of offense, trying what looked to be an Alabama slam only to be countered by Volador. Volador planted him into the mat with a vicious reverse rana immediately pinning him for the win. With his victory here Volador, has a chance to win Block B tomorrow against Ospreay. ***1/2

Updated Standings Block B
Ricochet – 10
Volador Jr. – 10
Will Ospreay – 8
Jushin Thunder Liger – 8
Bobby Fish – 6
Baretta – 4
Tiger Mask – 4
Chase Owens – 2